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Meet Our Team

We believe it is so important to know who you are trusting your story to when you reach out for help,

especially when you might be at a vulnerable place in your life.

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Amanda Hall,

MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.), PMH-C

Owner &

Occupational Therapist

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Morgan Deibert

MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.)

Occupational Therapist


Liz Delarosa,

MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.)

Occupational Therapist


Protecting maternal mental health each step of the way...

The Sensory Birth Plan

Every person has a sensory profile that shapes their own unique sensory preferences and patterns of behavior and labour and delivery is a sensory experience that places unique regulatory demands on women.


Encountering an environment that does not suit an individual's sensory needs may create challenges when processing sensory input and result in sensory overwhelm. Sensory overwhelm may increase feelings of pain, irritability and stress which interferes with the birthing and recovery process.


Understanding sensory needs allows us to better use use sensory-based strategies to support the birthing and recovery experience. Sensory-based strategies can also help to enhance quality of life by supporting maternal mental health and maternal-fetal attachment. While this program is created for all birthing individuals, there is also great benefit for those who identify with any neurodivergence.


Over the course of three sessions, our evidence based program will work with individuals and couples to develop an understanding of their sensory profile, provide education, counselling/coaching and a customized birthing and recovery plan with recommendations and activities that will support engagement in their birthing and recovery experience.

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