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Are you looking for OT services for your child?


Our pediatric assessments and interventions can be completed in our clinic spaces, in your own home, in school, virtually, or in our forest therapy space.

We focus on a strengths-based, trauma informed, and neurodiverse affirming approach which allows children and their caregivers to build emotional, cognitive, and physical skills essential for living life and having fun!


We use a nature based approach to child development!

A Natural Girl_edited.png

​ Services Offered ​
  • Emotional Regulation & Co-Regulation

  • ADHD support

  • Infant & Child Development Screening

  • Sensory Assessment & Support

  • Printing & Fine Motor Development

  • School Readiness & Support for Success

  • Gross Motor Development

  • Autism Specific Support (OAP Registered Providers)

  • Book a FREE Discovery Call to discuss your concerns to ensure we can match our services to your needs.

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