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Rooted in Nature, Growing through Motherhood

A nature-based approach

to maternal wellness.

Credit: Photography by Craig Edwards

We understand motherhood can be challenging. 

One of the greatest roles in life is being a mother but sometimes challenges occur that limit the ability to fulfill this role in the way it is desired.


Willow Family OT is a privately owned and operated occupational therapy clinic specializing in women's health during the perinatal phase of life. We believe our clients, both women and their families, possess the capacity to grow and adapt. We work with you to overcome barriers (physical, mental, social, and environmental) that may be preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

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Our Services

Services provided but not inclusive of:

  • Postpartum Mood Disorder Screening

  • Understanding the New Maternal Role

  • Maternal Adaptation & Transition Support for the Whole Family

  • Functional Mobility & Ergonomics of Motherhood

  • Fatigue Management & Sleep Hygiene

  • Environmental Assessment (In-home only)

  • Adaptive Strategies for Occupational Engagement

  • Cesarean Birth Recovery Support

  • Preparation for 4th Trimester

  • Sensory Birthing Plan Program & Support

  • Postpartum Depression, Anxiety & Rage Support

  • Partner/Family Support

  • Maternity Leave Return to Work Planning and Support

  • Family Wellness and Connection

  • Health Promotion and Education

  • Nature-based Therapeutic Approach for Families

  • Solution Focused Approach

  • Responsive Parenting Approach

  • ADHD Support

Resources & Education

Have a question about motherhood?   Looking for perinatal support?   Wondering how to self-screen for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders?

Check out our resources page for more information.

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby


Looking to connect with other mothers and families? 

Check out our events page for upcoming groups.

Moms and Babies

Women's Health and OT

Curious about how OT can help using a women's health perspective? 


Click here to find out!

Attentive Therapist

Our Blog

Check out our blog to read about hot topics in motherhood, parenting, and childhood.  Keep an eye out for our guest authors.

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